Our Services

We provide consultation for normal pregnancy and associated conditions, so as to make your journey to motherhood safe and happy. Other obstetric conditions such as repeated pregnancy loss, complications in pregnancy and high risk conditions in pregnancy are also addressed. Gynecological conditions of all age groups of women from puberty to menopause including abnormal bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, precancerous and cancerous conditions are given consultation for.

We promote normal vaginal delivery and help mothers in labour by close monitoring, judicious use of medicines and timely intervention. In case the mother requires assistance, we provide the same by application of forceps, vacuum.

Delivery by cesarean section is offered to the patient when indicated as an elective or emergency procedure. We are well equipped for the same and work effectively to give good outcome.

To make the birthing process comfortable and enjoyable by reducing the pain perceived by the mother and helping her feel less anxious, we provide epidural analgesia and vigilant monitoring for the same.

A couple willing to have a baby and experiencing difficulty in the same is treated and investigated for the same. We strongly believe that providing scientific information, education and counseling about the issues faced by the couple is of utmost importance for favourable results and we practice the same. We have well set IUI lab in house. Follicular monitoring, IUI with donor/husband semen is done here with proper counseling and precautions.

Medical termination of pregnancy (M.T.P) by pills and/or procedure in safe and ethical manner with proper counseling is done here.

Family Planning surgery (Tubectomy) by laparoscopy or open method is done. Contraception advice and options are offered according to suitability of it to the couple.

Gynaecological surgeries like myomectomy and hysterectomy are done by minimal invasive techniques like laparoscopy as per patients conditions and choice. Laparoscopic surgeries are done for conditions like ectopic pregnancy and as diagnostic procedure also.

Done for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purpose for patients having conditions such as infertility, abnormal uterine bleeding, post menopausal bleeding and polyp.

Gynaecological surgeries including D and E, Myomectomy, Hysterectomy and other are performed here by our doctors. Non-descent vaginal Hysterectomy is also performed here by our skilled doctors.

For excessive bleeding during menses and bleeding for prolonged days we offer insertion of Mirena, Thermal Balloon Ablation.
Endometrial biopsy is done at OPD and thus No need for admission. Above treatments can avoid the need for surgery.

In-house ultrasonography for pregnant women and follicular monitoring of patients undergoing treatment for infertility is provided. Sonographies are also done from outside as and when required.

We have tie-up with Swasthya life pathology Laboratory for assured quality reports.
We have a tie-up with Dr.Sushil Parakh (Ashoka Medicover hospitals )and Dr.Bhide Sameer (Chirayu Hospital) for Neonatal care.