Covid 19 vaccination and women

1) A pregnant woman can take vaccination in any month of her pregnancy.
2) In case a woman has been infected with Covid-19 during the current pregnancy then she should be vaccinated soon after delivery or after three months.
3) A lactating mother also can get vaccinated.
4) Covid-19 vaccines available are safe and vaccination protects pregnant women against Covid-19 illness/ disease like other individuals. Still a woman may catch Covid 19 infection even after vaccination but severity of the disease will be less. )
5) Other vaccines (for example Tetanus vaccine) can be taken before or after Corona vaccine with 15 days interval
6) In order to protect themselves and those around from spreading the covid-19 infection women must continue practicing covid-19 appropriate behavior like,
 Wearing a double mask
 Maintain physical distance and avoid going to crowded places,
 Practice frequent hand washing.
Wear mask in the house also if other people in the house are going out frequently.

  1. Vaccines DO NOT affect Fertility of the  Man Or Woman.
  2. Husband & Wife can take the Same Vaccine OR Different Vaccines. It does NOT matter
  3. NO PREGNANCY TEST REQUIRED Before taking the Vaccine. 
  4. Women who are Planning Pregnancy - Natural Or by Assisted Reproduction viz. IUI Or IVF, can take the Vaccine and then Attempt to become Pregnant with interval of few days 

Vaccine can be taken on any day of Menstruation.

    • Mild fever,
    • Pain at the injection site or
    • Feeling  unwell for 1 to 3 days.
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Chest Pain 
    • Persistent abdominal pain with or without vomiting
    • Pain in limbs pain on pressing the limbs or swelling in the limbs arm or calf
    • Small pinpoint hemorrhages or bruising of the skin beyond injection site.
    • very rarely one in 1 to 5 lakh persons, following symptoms may be seen within 20 days after getting the Covid-19 vaccination.
    • Weakness or paralysis of limbs or any particular side of the body 
    • Seizures with or without vomiting 
    • Severe and persistent headaches with or without vomiting 
    • Persistent vomiting without any obvious reason
    • Blurred vision, pain in eyes
    • Any other symptoms or health condition which is of concern to the recipient or the family
  • Long term adverse effects and safety of the vaccine for foetus and child is not established
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